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What an awesome opportunity to be a Missionary in your own Neighbourhood!  If you love a challenge and want to use your skills, gifts and talents impacting the lives of kids apply to work at Monarch Summer Camp!

If you would like to be a volunteer and donate your time in serving God in ministry, please use the links below.

Being a Monarch Missionary

What an awesome opportunity to be a Missionary in your own Neighbourhood!  If you love a challenge and want to use your skills, gifts and talents impacting the lives of kids apply to work at Monarch Summer Camp!

Summer Missionary positions start the 1st week in July and run for 8 weeks.   

NOTE*  All positions with Monarch are Missionary positions and require support building.  Some senior positions are supported by grants, but still require some support building. Individual Fund raising is supported by donations given to the camp for that purpose.  Amounts vary from year to year, so no base amount can be promised.

Support raising gives people the opportunity to invest in you and the children you will minister to throughout the summer.  It is a great opportunity for you to see God provide!

Job Descriptions

Director of Discipleship

One Hope Canada is currently seeking a servant leader to join our team as a Director of Discipleship at Monarch Bible Camp in the Haliburton/Kawartha Region of Ontario.

One Hope Canada (formerly Canadian Sunday School Mission/CSSM Ministries) exists to present the Gospel particularly to those with the least opportunity to hear of Christ, especially to children and youth, and we disciple believers for living and serving through His church.

Monarch Bible Camp (formerly CSSM Bible Camp - Minden until 2000) was established in the mid-1980’s and ministers to approximately 240 children and youth each summer. Check out the camp -

The Director of Discipleship is entrusted with fulfilling the purpose of One Hope Canada within their camp, and is responsible for making connections, building relationships, mentoring and discipling campers and children/youth in the community on a year round basis. The Director of Discipleship fulfills these responsibilities at the camp by assisting the Ministry Director with leading a team of summer missionaries.

The Director of Discipleship is responsible for working with and reporting to the Ministry Director and the Ontario Field Director. As a part of the One Hope Canada team, you have access to the Ministry Resource Centre, all resources provided by One Hope Canada, and a team across the country consisting of over 200 other year round missionaries. Check out our mission –

It’s a fast paced, exciting ministry role where you will be stretched and yet encouraged as you experience God and His work.

To apply, please email your resume to Teresa Ward, Ministry Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Water Front Director

- a Senior Staff position – NLS Certified and Swim Instructor Certified

- take charge of waterfront – supervise lifeguards and schedule, set communication guidelines for fellow guards -whistles, etc

- mentor Life Guards and conduct daily and weekly evaluation, conduct formal written reviews

- set safety standards for waterfront and boating, organize buddies, do buddy checks

- take the lead with swimming lessons – testing campers for lesson levels, setting lessons schedule, plug campers and guards in for lesson time

- set guidelines for kayaks and SUP’s, schedule guards for boating periods

- create waterfront games - regattas, beach games, canoe challenges, etc.

- create new water activities for Haliburton

- create waterfront activities for Resident Camp - things like Beach Volleyball competitions, water races, etc

- supervise campers and partake in all areas of camp

- mentor younger staff

-be a role model for campers and fellow staff

Music Director

- a Senior Staff position

- organize and prepare camp songs for fun and for worship

- prepare song sheets, posters, music CD, etc

- teach songs to staff during staff training so all are familiar with songs

- teach songs to campers and take a leading role at song time

- lead singing in fun and creative ways helping campers to get into singing

- come up with creative ways to include campers

- prepare music for camp fire songs and work with Drama and Program Directors to create campfire skits, games, songs, etc.

- optional - prepare musical instruments and props to encourage interaction - could be rhythm sticks, shakers, bongo drums, etc - could be hats related to certain music styles, etc

- supervise campers and partake in all areas of camp

- mentor younger staff

-be a role model for campers and fellow staff

Drama Director

Mobile Ministry serving Kawartha Lakes/Haliburton Highlands

- a Senior Staff position

- supervise campers and partake in all areas of camp

- research and prepare materials for teaching Drama as an activity with the goal of creating a play or series of skits to present to parents and to record for entertainment

- have a repertoire of skits, dramas ready to use with campers

- be creative in writing skits with campers looking for ways to include their ideas

- prepare staff skits for fun and teaching

- prepare costumes and props as needed

- prepare skits for Chapel time - ideas - TV interviews with Bible Characters, news flashes, talk show host, etc.

- work with Program Director to prepare skits, etc for campfire time

- clean + repair costumes for use in Drama - collect new costumes and props

- create some drama related games like “Props”, introduction story lines for teams to build upon

Social Media Officer

Mobile Ministry serving Kawartha Lakes/Haliburton Highlands

- responsible for daily and weekly posting  and monitoring the camp’s  social media sites

- responsible for recording videos, pictures, any points of interest for sharing

- responsible for preparing picture DVD’s for promoting and selling to parents

- could create a teaching program for campers and enlist their input and aid

- prepare posts for staff to use for communicating with their Supporters

Senior Staff

-a position for people with previous camp experience

-supervise younger staff and guide them in their role at camp

-ensure correct procedures are being followed by younger staff and campers

-supervise campers and partake in all areas of camp

-take a leadership role in discipline of campers and in the teaching of skills

-lead by example and servant hood

-intentionally build relationships with staff and campers

- mentor younger staff and encourage growth in skills

Support Staff

-a vital role of camp to support the senior staff in the running of activities and assist wherever needed

-includes kitchen duty – assisting in preparing and serving food, clean up, and comply with food safety practices

-participate in all areas of camp

-take on a big brother/sister role in coming alongside campers to ensure their enjoyment and involvement and to support them to be successful

-come under the leadership of senior staff, being willing and eager to accept redirection and fine tuning

- take a backseat role in discipline with  campers, learning by observation

Life Guard/Instructor

– NLS Certified and Swim Instructor Certified

- Orca certification an asset

- come under the leadership of the Waterfront Director and be an active member of the Waterfront Safety Team

- supervise campers and staff in the water and on the beach for free swim and for boating

- give instruction on how to operate kayaks and stand-up paddle boards

- evaluate camper skill levels for safety and to set level of teaching if taking Swim Lessons

- instruct campers in Red Cross Swim Lesson, write report cards and communicate skills with parents