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How do you select your staff?

Staff are very carefully chosen. They are often local youth known by the Director. They go through an application, interview, and Police check process. They are challenged to view their job as a Summer Missions and ask people to support them in finances and prayer.

Are there cabin leaders in the cabin with the campers at night?

Yes. Our cabin leaders are with the campers 24 hours a day. They are involved with all of the activities we do at camp, they sit with the campers at all meals and in chapel and they stay in the cabins with the campers at night, all night. We hire only capable staff and go through a week of training so they are aware of what is expected of them and how to handle various situations that they may run into.

Is there a nurse on site in case of injuries?

We have a nurse or first aid person available to the campers and staff on site 24 hours a day. They are there in case of any injury, to administer any type of medication - prescription or otherwise - or just to give a needed hug.

What happens if my child is hurt at camp?

The Camp Nurse or Director will evaluate the injury and administer First Aid.  If EMS is needed a 911 call will be made right away.  The 2nd call will go out to Parents/Guardians to inform you of the situation.  If an injury is significant, but does not require EMS attention, a call to Parents/Guardians will be made to inform of injury and ask for further directions. Minor injuries will be reported to Parents/Guardians at pick up unless otherwise directed

Can I call my child at camp?

It is much easier if you arrange to have your child call you. At time of registration inform their cabin leader that they have permission to call home. Notify staff of the use of calling cards or calling collect and some idea of how many times or what time and what day you would want them to call.

What if my child gets homesick?

It is common for a camper to feel homesick, especially if it is their first time away. Our staff are sensitive to each camper’s needs and will engage them in talk about their homesickness and will try to help them fit in and be involved. If a call home is helpful we will assist the camper.

Can I visit my child at camp?

Family Links

Here are some great sites to check out.

We recommend the following links, but due to the nature of ever changing websites, we advise parents to review each site before allowing their children to go on them. If you do happen to notice any issue in the websites we recommend, please let us know so that we could also review the sites. If you know of a great Christian website that you think we should add to our list, then please let us know. Thank you for your interest, and we hope you find these links helpful.


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